A Giant Descends


I first heard Young the Giant on The World Cafe when their self-titled album was initially released. Since then, it’s been an integral part of roadtrips (to and from Washington and Idaho, on more occasions than I care for), and a major bonding point for my wife, Veronica, and I. The fun, poppy hooks and rolling synths are perfect for setting a positive tone and adding a bounce to your step, while the lyrics are engaging and substantial. Their new album, Mind Over Matter, is available for pre-order now, and you can preview a few songs through their website. The videos for “Crystallized” and the titular “Mind Over Matter” are quirky, with an artistic flair that is simultaneously clever and a little ridiculous.

Mind Over Matter

Their forthcoming album isn’t revolutionary, but it marks the band’s development. While the first tracks aren’t as bouncy as those found on the band’s eponymous album, they are consistent and cohesive. Young the Giant seems to be settling into a good rhythm with this next release, and I am excited for it. The “Sophmore Slump” hasn’t been kind to a lot of bands lately, I won’t name names, but I’m confident that YtG is up to the task of keeping the momentum they’ve established. If their performance on Conan is any indication, they’ve got enough energy to keep their party going.

You can pre-order Mind Over Matter through I-Tunes, Amazon, or through the band website. The available bundle set includes a marble-colored vinyl, which will look great alongside the rest of your collection, as well as a number of other goodies.