Can we take a moment…


Can we all take a moment to refrain from the madness that is our own lives and reflect briefly on how amazing the Cold War Kids’ latest album Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is? It’s been out since April, and I’ve certainly been listening to it since then, but it has really caught up with me these past couple weeks. There is something about the earnestness of the lyrics, particularly in its standout track “Jailbirds” that just gets me choked up. Perhaps it is as a parent that the line “Father make believe for your daughters/ mother take it easy on your sons” resonates so strongly, or perhaps, even as a bystander to modern parenting dilemmas, we can see the disillusionment we are passing down to our children. Without spending too much time focusing on a single track, I don’t think it too grandiose to say that this contribution to our libraries is nothing short of spectacular.

Cold War Kids have a knack for pinning down our cynicism in strong lyrics and catchy riffs, and Dear Miss Lonelyhearts starts off strong in this respect. From the start of its first track, the single “Miracle Mile,” the album makes its ambition apparent. In this album, in particular, the drums are so strong, and compliment the vocals so well, that their cohesion seems nothing short of masterful. This band has always had a strength in its narrative tendencies, and its musical backbone, but in DMLH their growth and progression is most apparent. Far more refined then previous endeavors, which are still amazing, the band proves that growing up does not have to mean growing tired. The energy in this album borders on overwhelming, even as it borders on the ethereal, such as in “Fear & Trembling” and “Tuxedos.”

In summation, if you haven’t yet picked up this album, or, God forbid, you haven’t yet taken the time to listen to Cold War Kids (which seems incredibly unlikely), then it is most certainly worth your time to make the minimum effort to follow one of my links to give them a listen. Your ears will thank you, your mind will relish in the content, and your heart will ache at the somber tones and bluesy vibes. Dear Miss Lonelyhearts is a great starting point for anyone wanting to jump aboard this gravy train, and an even better stopping point for anyone already on-board. Now, feel free to go about whatever you were doing before, and thank you for taking this moment to reflect on a great album.


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